Tax / Strategic Planning Expertise :

Real estate continues to be one of the few asset classes where one can realize a significant appreciation in value and defer the taxes on that gain for an extended period of time.  Maier Siebel Baber can analyze a client's existing holdings and assist them in establishing their wealth preservation goals.  Once a client elects to sell a property, the firm can bring its experience to the Client's in-place, trusted financial advisors and legal counsel to maximize the result by structuring a tax-advantaged exchange.  We implement the client's goals through marketing the current asset, negotiating the terms of its sale and then identifying and purchasing the replacement property.  After years of experience working in some of the highest caliber international wealth management firms, Maier Siebel Baber's principals have the depth of experience necessary to assist private clients and their advisors in creating successful wealth transfer strategies. By developing the most tax efficient objective for an investment, well in advance of a disposition, Maier Siebel Baber can provide an investor a higher probability of achieving their wealth preservation goals.