Asset Management Expertise :

We maximize value and returns by developing and implementing comprehensive asset management plans established to meet specific investment objectives.  Our asset management team understands the value of tenant retention and the process of positioning an asset to enhance operating efficiencies, all the while maximizing property performance and value.  As commercial real estate owners and operators, Maier Siebel Baber is committed to its style of high-touch, hands-on managerial excellence.  Our goal is to help our clients by facilitating a long-term perspective for their real estate strategy, while simultaneously focusing on management of the day to day operations.  The same institutional quality service we bring to our own investment funds are available and can be provided to meet your asset management needs; including property management, leasing, construction management and customized financial reporting.  Maier Siebel Baber's expertise, excellent service standards and extensive network of real estate professionals across the United States is the result of 25+ years of practiced and perfected company standards.